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Linux High Availability Complete Video Course: Red Hat EX436 and LPIC-3 304

Module 1: High Availability Essentials :
Lesson 1: Linux Clustering Solutions Overview
Lesson 2: Understanding HA Clustering Needs

Module 2: Linux HA Clustering Needs :
Lesson 3: Software Solutions Overview
Lesson 4: Configuring the Membership Layer
Lesson 5: Working with Pacemaker
Lesson 6: Managing Fencing
Lesson 7: Resource Management
Lesson 8: Operational Cluster Management

Module 3: Cluster Storage :
Lesson 9: Configuring DRBD
Lesson 10: Configuring an iSCSI SAN
Lesson 11: Managing Multipath
Lesson 12: Working with LVM in a Cluster
Lesson 13: Managing GFS2 in a Red Hat Cluster
Lesson 14: Managing OCFS2

Module 4: Configuring Advanced HA Solutions :
Lesson 15: Configuring an HA Apache Web Server
Lesson 16: Configuring an HA NFS Solution
Lesson 17: Managing Legacy Red Hat Clustering

Module 5: Load Balancing :
Lesson 18: Managing Load Balancing Solutions

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