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Learning Angular : Covering Angular 2 and Angular 4, Second Edition

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :

Learning Angular: Introduction 00:06:14 :

Lesson 1: Getting Started :
Learning objectives
1.1 Install Node.js
1.2 Install TypeScript tools
1.3 Install Bootstrap
1.4 Install Angular CLI
1.5 Create your first Angular app

1.6 Set up a development environment: Visual Studio Code 00:05:44 :

Lesson 2: TypeScript :
Learning objectives
2.1 Get started with TypeScript
2.2 Learn about types and declarations
2.3 Look quickly at type unions
2.4 Review flow control
2.5 Learn about all the new things in functions
2.6 Review strings and arrays in TypeScript
2.7 Get a complete overview of interfaces, classes, and inheritance

Lesson 3: Get Started on Your Recipe App :
Learning objectives
3.1 Learn about what you’re going to be building
3.2 Create your working project
3.3 Create a model for your recipe app
3.4 Update your app to show a recipe
3.5 Add images to your recipes
3.6 Add support for more than one recipe with *ngFor
3.7 Clean up the styles in your application

Lesson 4: Learn More About Components and Directives :
Learning objectives
4.1 Learn about components and directives and create a new component
4.2 Further clean up your application with yet another component
4.3 Clean up the styles in your application

Lesson 5: All About Binding in Angular :
Learning objectives
5.1 Add a new recipe form to your application
5.2 Learn about all the types of binding in Angular
5.3 Create and send events from your components
5.4 Use Angular’s special class binding capabilities
5.5 Use Angular’s special style binding capabilities
5.6 Learn about the *ngIf structural directive
5.7 Clean up the styles in your application

Lesson 6: Support Multiple Pages with Routing :
Learning objectives
6.1 Create a recipes list page in your app
6.2 Create a recipe details page
6.3 Create a new recipe form page
6.4 Clean up the styles in your application

Lesson 7: Services and Components :
Learning objectives
7.1 Learn about services and create a recipe service
7.2 Update your user interface to handle slow network requests
7.3 Install the AngularRecipeServer and update your app to use HTTP
7.4 Handle network errors in your application
7.5 Clean up the styles in your application

Lesson 8: Forms :
Learning objectives
8.1 Add manual validation to your new recipe form
8.2 Use template-driven forms to validate user input
8.3 Implement Reactive Form Design in our new recipe form
8.4 Add support for images to your application
8.5 Clean up the styles in your application

Lesson 9: Pipes and Directives :
Learning objectives
9.1 Learn about pipes
9.2 Write your own pipe in Angular
9.3 Write your own directive and pass data to it

Lesson 10: Deployment and Testing :
Learning objectives
10.1 Learn the basics of deploying your Angular app
10.2 Write some basic tests in the Angular CLI environment
10.3 Mock a service in the Angular CLI

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