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Data Engineering with Python and AWS Lambda LiveLessons

Video Introducing this tutorial

Lesson 1: Get Started with AWS Lambda :
Learning objectives
1.1 Create a Hello World AWS Lambda function in the console
1.2 Learn basic Lambda patterns
1.3 Learn Lambda Management console
1.4 Upload external code to AWS Lambda

Lesson 2: Use Cloud9 to Develop Python Lambda Functions :
Learning objectives
2.1 Set up Cloud9
2.2 Develop with Cloud9
2.3 Launch Cloud9 and workspace configuration
2.4 Import Lambda functions
2.5 Invoke Lambda functions
2.6 Invoke Lambda functions inside API Gateway
2.7 Deploy a Lambda function

Lesson 3: Create Timed Lambda Functions :
Learning objectives
3.1 Use AWS Lambda with Cloudwatch events
3.2 Use AWS Lambda to populate AWS SQS
3.3 Use AWS Cloudwatch logging with AWS Lambda

Lesson 4: Create Event-Driven Lambdas :
Learning objectives
4.1 Create a Producer Lambda function
4.2 Enable SQS Trigger
4.3 Serverless data engineering architecture

Lesson 5: Learn SAM Local :
Learning objectives
5.1 Install SAM Local
5.2 Use SAM Local to invoke functions locally
5.3 Use SAM to package and deploy Lambda
5.4 Use SAM with IAM
5.5 Use SAM Lambda environment variables

Lesson 6: Learn AWS Glue :
Learning objectives
6.1 What is AWS Glue?
6.2 Use AWS Glue

Lesson 7: Create State Machines with Step Functions :
Learning objectives
7.1 Learn step functions
7.2 Use Amazon States Language
7.3 Step functions demo, part I

Lesson 8: Use Step Functions with AWS Services :
Learning objectives
8.1 Learn integration with other AWS products
8.2 Use DynamoDB with step functions
8.3 Use AWS ECS/Fargate with step functions
8.4 Use AWS Callback Pattern

Lesson 9: Serverless Relational Databases :
Learning objectives
9.1 Serverless relational databases
9.2 Use Aurora Serverless
9.3 Use Data API for Aurora Serverless
9.4 Use stored procedures to invoke Lambda

Lesson 10: Build APIs with API Gateway :
Learning objectives
10.1 Use API Gateway
10.2 Integrate Lambda and API Gateway best practices

Lesson 11: Authenticate APIs with AWS Cognito :
Learning objectives
11.1 Begin Cognito authentication
11.2 Use Cognito User Pools
11.3 Use Cognito authentication with API Gateway
11.4 Use Federated Identity

Lesson 12: Use Serverless Datastores :
Learning objectives
12.1 Use DynamoDB for data engineering
12.2 Use Amazon Athena for data engineering
12.3 Use Amazon EMR for data engineering
12.4 Use Amazon EFS for data engineering

Lesson 13: Create Serverless Business Intelligence and AutoML :
Learning objectives
13.1 Integrate Amazon Quicksite
13.2 Integrate Lambda with AI APIs
13.3 Integrate Lambda with Sagemaker

Lesson 14: Create Serverless Data Streaming :
Learning objectives
14.1 Use Kinesis Streams
14.2 Use Computer Vision Streams

Lesson 15: Case Studies :
Learning objectives
15.1 Compare AWS Lambda with Google Cloud Functions
15.2 Use GCP Cloud Functions with Pub Sub + Cloud Scheduler
15.3 Use Chalice framework
15.4 Push versus Pull Architecture
15.5 Principles of DevOps
15.6 Principles of cloud computing