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Cloud Foundry BOSH Fundamentals

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Cloud Foundry BOSH Fundamentals LiveLessons: Introduction

Lesson 1: Introducing BOSH :
Learning objectives
1.1 Discover BOSH
1.2 Review the BOSH philosophy
1.3 Recognize BOSH’s core concepts
1.4 Review BOSH vocabulary
1.5 Review cloud vocabulary
1.6 Get help

Lesson 2: Deploying the Director :
Learning objectives
2.1 Prepare a new GCP project
2.2 Deploy the Director by hand
2.3 Access the Director
2.4 Deploy the Director using the BOSH Bootloader

Lesson 3: Deploying Nginx :
Learning objectives
3.1 Upload the stemcell
3.2 Upload the release
3.3 Create the deployment manifest and cloud config
3.4 Deploy the release
3.5 Explore the deployment

Lesson 4: Deploying Etcd :
Learning objectives
4.1 Upload and configure the Etcd release
4.2 Deploy the Etcd Release
4.3 Connect to Etcd
4.4 Explore the deployment

Lesson 5: Managing Your Deployment :
Learning objectives
5.1 Patch all of your VMs at once with a new Stemcell
5.2 Monitor your deployment remotely
5.3 Manage deployed processes with Monit
5.4 Scale out and up
5.5 Change the Etcd configuration

Lesson 6: Making Use of Some Advanced BOSH Features :
Learning objectives
6.1 Colocate a release to gather logs via Syslog
6.2 Use BOSH addons to gather logs via Syslog
6.3 the Resurrector

Lesson 7: Creating Your Own Release :
Learning objectives
7.1 Initialize the release directory
7.2 Write the frontend server
7.3 Create the package files
7.4 Create the jobs
7.5 Manage large files as local blobs
7.6 Review how the release parts fit together
7.7 Understand the development cycle
7.8 Build and deploy the development release
7.9 Add a load balancer for external access
7.10 Review the final deployment
7.11 Use links to remove hardcoded IPs

Lesson 8: Publishing the Release :
Learning objectives
8.1 Review the difference between development and final releases
8.2 Upload final release blobs to GCS
8.3 Build the final release
8.4 Use links to remove hardcoded IPs

Summary :
Cloud Foundry BOSH Fundamentals LiveLessons: Summary

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