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Applied Continuous Delivery

Video Introducing this tutorial

Lesson 1: The Test Driven Developer
1.1 Test-Driven Development
1.2 Creating a Simple Test
1.3 Testing the Repository
1.4 Building a REST API to Test the Application
1.5 Building a Client to Test the Service
1.6 Building an Integration Test

Lesson 2: Contract Testing
2.1 Spring Cloud Contract
2.2 Spring Cloud Contract with REST Docs
2.3 Consumer Driven Contracts

Lesson 3: Deployment Techniques
3.1 What Is Continuous Integration?
3.2 What Is a Deployment Pipeline?
3.3 What Is Continuous Delivery?
3.4 What Is Continuous Deployment?
3.5 What Is Infrastructure as Code and Why Does It Matter?
3.6 Introduction to Jenkins
3.7 Setting Up a Pipeline in Jenkins Using the Pipeline Plugin
3.8 Setting Up a Pipeline in Jenkins Using the Jenkins Job DSL Plugin
3.9 Automation of Jenkins Setup
3.10 Introduction to Concourse
3.11 Setting Up a Pipeline in Concourse

Lesson 4: Deployment Pipeline Case Study
4.1 What Are Spring Cloud Pipelines?
4.2 Setting up Jenkins in Spring Cloud Pipelines
4.3 Setting Up Concourse in Spring Cloud Pipelines
4.4 Case Study Sample
4.5 Setting Up a Project with Maven
4.6 Testing Packaged Applications in Isolation
4.7 End to End Testing
4.8 Setting Up a Project with Gradle
4.9 Blue Green Deployment to Production
4.10 Metrics and Alerting
4.11 Checking API Compatibility
4.12 Database Compatibility
4.13 Using Spring Cloud Pipelines in Your Project

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