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MEAN Web Development Workshop

Video Introducing this tutorial

Part 1: Introduction to the MEAN Web Programming Stack
1.1 Introduction
1.2 The Components
1.3 Write an App
1.4 Use ng-init and ng-repeat
1.5 Work with Objects
1.6 Filter Results

Part 2: AngularJS
2.1 Controller and Creating paradigms.js
2.2 Add a Recipe
2.3 Serving Static
2.4 File Reorganization and Routing
2.5 More Pages
2.6 Data Consolidation

Part 3: Node.js and Express
3.1 Introduction to Node.js
3.2 Express and API Design
3.3 Simple Serving
3.4 Routing Basics
3.5 Add a Recipe

Part 4: MongoDB
4.1 MongoDB Basics
4.2 MongoDB in App

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