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Linux Foundation Certified Engineer (LFCE) Complete Video Course

Module 1: Managing Networking
Lesson 1: Network Administration
Lesson 2: Network Monitoring & Reporting
Lesson 3: Implementing Packet Filtering
Lesson 4: Managing Remote Access

Module 2: Managing File Services
Lesson 6: Configuring Samba File Sharing
Lesson 7: Configuring FTP Servers
Lesson 8: Setting up Automount

Module 3: Managing Web Services
Lesson 9: Managing Apache
Lesson 10: Managing Apache Security Features
Lesson 11: Managing the Squid Proxy Server
Lesson 12: Managing Nginx

Module 4: Managing Mail Services
Lesson 13: Configuring an SMTP Server
Lesson 14: Configuring a POP/IMAP Server

Module 5: Managing Infrastructure Services
Lesson 15: Managing a DNS Server
Lesson 16: Managing DHCP
Lesson 17: Managing Network Time
Lesson 18: Managing Docker Containers
Lesson 19: Installing an IPA Server

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