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Internet of Things (IoT) Fundamentals

Module 1: What is the Internet of Things?:
Lesson 1: An Introduction to IoT:
Lesson 2: IoT Architectures:

Module 2: Building an IoT Network:
Lesson 3: Sensors and Actuators:
Lesson 4: Connecting IoT Devices over Wireless with IEEE 802.15.4:
Lesson 5: Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANs):
Lesson 6: IoT Connectivity for the Home Network:
Lesson 7: IPv6 Fundamentals for IoT:
Lesson 8: Management Protocols for IoT
Lesson 9: IoT Security:

Module 3: Harnessing the Data from IoT Devices:
Lesson 10: An Introduction to Analytics:
Lesson 11: Fog and Edge Computing:
Lesson 12: Data Analytics Architectures:

Module 4: IoT Considerations for Industry:
Lesson 13: Utilities and the Smart Grid:
Lesson 14: IoT for Transportation:
Lesson 15: Manufacturing:
Lesson 16: IoT for Connected and Smart Cities:
Lesson 17: IoT for Public Safety:
Lesson 18: Oil and Gas:
Lesson 19: IoT for Mining