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Excel 2016 for the Macintosh Professional

Video Introducing this tutorial

Excel 2016 for the Macintosh Professional: Introduction

Lesson 1: Learning Excel Basics
Learning objectives
1.1 Open a spreadsheet and enter data
1.2 Get around Excel
1.3 Use the ribbon
1.4 Format numbers in cells
1.5 Use data entry shortcuts (Autocomplete, AutoFill, Fill Handle)
1.6 Select cells and ranges
1.7 Move data around your spreadsheet
1.8 Insert, delete, and clear cells
1.9 Find and replace data
1.1O Use worksheets and workbooks
1.11 Use Excel templates

Lesson 2: Building Formulas
Learning objectives
2.1 Reference cells and ranges of cells
2.2 Reference cells in other worksheets and workbooks
2.3 Build simple formulas
2.4 Understand absolute and relative references
2.5 Use named cells
2.6 Use built-in functions
2.7 Use the Goal Seek tool
2.8 Solve errors

Lesson 3: Using Excel as a Database
Learning objectives
3.1 Make lists with Excel
3.2 Build a data table
3.3 Format data tables
3.4 Sort and filter data
3.5 Calculate with data tables
3.6 Build a pivot table

Lesson 4: Introducing Macros and Visual Basic
Learning objectives
4.1 Record and run macros
4.2 Edit macros
4.3 Explore Visual Basic

Lesson 5: Formatting Data and Charts
Learning objectives
5.1 Format worksheets
5.2 Outline in worksheets
5.3 Understand conditional formatting
5.4 Build charts
5.5 Add Sparklines: small, intense, simple data words

Lesson 6: Printing Excel Spreadsheets
Learning objectives
6.1 Preview worksheets before printing
6.2 Adjust worksheets to fit the page
6.3 Print headings
6.4 Print single and multiple worksheets

Lesson 7: Sharing Spreadsheets
Learning objectives
7.1 Import data from other sources
7.2 Export Excel spreadsheet data
7.3 Add and delete comments
7.4 Track changes
7.5 Accept and reject changes
7.6 Protect spreadsheet data

Excel 2016 for the Macintosh Professional: Summary