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Building Universal Windows Platforms Apps

Video Introducing this tutorial

Lesson 1: Platform Introduction
Learning objectives
1.1 Understand the course
1.2 Discover the platform
1.3 Discover adaptive code /UI
1.4 Learn platform capabilities
1.5 Get started with Visual Studio
1.6 Understand build & packaging

Lesson 2: Building UI
Learning objectives
2.1 Use XAML
2.2 Display content
2.3 Understand layout
2.4 Understand panel controls
2.5 Use interactive controls
2.6 Apply styling
2.7 Use animation
2.8 Understand advanced controls
2.9 Start the sample app UI

Lesson 3: Data and Asynchronous Tasks
Learning objectives
3.1 Understand file I/O
3.2 Make REST calls
3.3 Use a local database
3.4 Use threading
3.5 Adding data I/O to the sample app

Lesson 4: Navigation
Learning objectives
4.1 Understand frames and navigation
4.2 Enable the back button
4.3 Use dialogs
4.4 Create a multi-window application
4.5 Add navigation to the sample app

Lesson 5: Application Architecture
Learning objectives
5.1 Understand data binding
5.2 Use compiled binding
5.3 Apply the MVVM architecture
5.4 Apply a command infrastructure
5.5 Update the architecture of the sample app

Lesson 6: Creating Controls
Learning objectives
6.1 Create user controls
6.2 Create control templates
6.3 Create templated controls
6.4 Create custom panels
6.5 Create attached properties
6.6 Enhance sample app UI

Lesson 7: Adaptive UI
Learning objectives
7.1 Understand adaptive techniques
7.2 Apply scaling
7.3 Use SplitView
7.4 Use relative panel
7.5 Use Visual State Manager
7.6 Use adaptive triggers
7.7 Understand tailored views
7.8 Update sample app with adaptive UI

Lesson 8: Application Lifecycle
Learning objectives
8.1 Understand the application lifecycle
8.2 Use extended execution
8.3 Use background tasks and triggers
8.4 Create opportunistic tasks
8.5 Update life cycle support in the app

Lesson 9: Using Platform Capabilities
Learning objectives
9.1 Use adaptive tiles
9.2 Use toasts
9.3 Handle file extensions
9.4 Use app launching and protocol handling
9.5 Share data
9.6 Use drag and drop
9.7 Use and create app services
9.8 Use Cortana
9.9 Use in-bound notifications
9.10 Access devices
9.11 Understand platform extensions
9.12 Apply platform capabilities to the sample app

Lesson 10: Visual Studio Features
Learning objectives
10.1 Navigate code
10.2 Debug
10.3 Use performance tools
10.4 Use Blend

Lesson 11: Preparing for Deployment
Learning objectives
11.1 Prepare the app
11.2 Test the app
11.3 Publish the app

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