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php-glob Edition (2019)

Video Introducing this tutorial

Identify Online PHP resources
Download PHP
Identify Apache prerequisite packages and programs - Modular support (
Extract, compile and install PHP with Apache modular support
Compile and install PHP with Command Line Interface (CLI) support
Identify key PHP configuration files & directories
Configure Apache httpd.conf with PHP integration to provide PHP support
Configure Apache with PHP binary and source support

PHP Basics:
Explain PHP-supported long/short/ASP parse-tags & identify configuration changes in php.ini
Hello World script output using echo to the web browser
Describe the various comments supported by PHP
Examine the ouput of PHP-maintained variables using phpinfo()
Explain supported data types via variables (integers, strings, floating points, here documents, arrays, etc.)
Test instantiation of supported variables with default types
Explain Quoting rules and variable interpolation
Demonstrate escape sequences such as tab, new lines, spaces, etc.
Exercise the echo command
Define basic associated arrays (i.e. hashes/dictionaries)
Define nested associative arrays

General Information:
Examine key CGI PHP-server variables
Explore HTTP GET Request Methods via the URLString and Forms
Explore HTTP POST Request Methods via the URLString and Forms
NULL Variables
Basic Math - PEMDAS
Integer and String Comparison Operators
Examine execution operators for executing Linux Shell commands and obtaining the ouput
Variable assignment via execution operations
Illustrate the usage of nested arrays

Control Structures:
IF - comparisons against integers and strings
Else/Elseif - comparisons against integers and strings
Test whether variables are of the same type
Comparison negation
C-stlye for loops definition and usage
Generate HTML option boxes using C-style for loops
foreach list iterator loop definition and usage
Generate HTML based on the contents of the list iterated by foreach
While loops definition and usage
Examine filesystem listings using execution operators and while loops
do While definition and usage
Switch - for concise if/elseif conditional examination

General Information II:
Discuss the applications of Server Side Includes (SSI)
Server Side Includes using require
Server Side Includes using include
Explain and examine the differences between require and include
Demonstrate distributed include applications by including content using HTTP
Header, leftnav, body, and footer definition and integration with require/include
HTML Form defintion using include and control structures
PHP Functions definition and sample usage
ISSET & UNSET for examining and controlling variables
Discuss the way PHP handles uploaded files
Identify key configuration files which affect uploaded files
HTTP File I/O - uploads & processing via HTML forms
Define back-end action pages to handle HTTP file uploads
Examine available file attributes of HTTP-uploaded files
PHP SMTP E-mail integration discussion
Define scripts to process forms and generate SMTP-based e-mail
Examine PHP Mail function options
Use mutt on the Linux system to examine PHP-generated SMTP-based e-mail

PHP - Dynamic Web Programming:
PHP cookie concepts & usage discussion
Cookie definition and examination on server and client system (Mozilla Firefox)
Set and unset cookies on client system
Make decisions based on the existence of cookies on the client system
Session Variables concepts & usage discussion
Identify pertinent configuration options for session variables
Define session variables
Integrate cookies with session variables
Download MySQL RDBMS packages for usage with PHP
Install MySQL RDBMS for usage with PHP
Download the latest phpMyAdmin for installation
Install phpMyAdmin with Apache supportfor web-based administration of MySQL RDBMS
Recompile PHP for MySQL RDBMS support
Update PHP configuration information to support MySQL
Define basic database structure for usage
Structured Query Language (SQL) integration with PHP
Explain steps for connecting PHP scripts to MySQL
Define and execute SELECT queries
Define and execute INSERT queries
Define and execute UPDATE queries
Define and execute DELETE queries
Forms Processing with MySQL integration
Forms with Cookies
Forms with Session Variables

PHP - Command Line Interface (CLI):
Discuss concepts and applications
Identify CLI binary
Discuss the possible ways of executing PHP scripts from the CLI
Define and execute PHP one-liners
Execute scripts using PHP binary as a prefix
Explore executing PHP via the Interpreter mode
PHP-Linux SHEBANG definition and usage
Execute basic commands
CLI - File I/O usage - Stat files
Examine file attributes
Determine access and modification times and make decisions using control structures

PHP - Input Validation:
Define form and action script to process form fields
Submit form-fields for processing
Examine results
Define input validation masks with regular expressions
Evaluate results
Extend validation masks to command line interface (CLI)
Supply PHP CLI with input
Confirm validation masks