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HighProxy Edition (2017)

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction - HA Proxy - Features:
Explain key features
Contrast with Forward Proxies
Discuss operational modes
Cover Requirements
Explore environment

Setup Environment:
Install HAProxy
Install Apache Back-End Nodes
Test connectivity
Explore Default HAProxy configuration

Basic Proxy | HTTP Mode:
Define HTTP Proxy 'frontend'
Define matching HTTP Proxy 'backend'
Check configuration
Test connectivity
Extend 'backend' with additional Nodes
Test connectivity - Ensure balancing
Artificially 'DOWN' 'backend' Instance
Test HAProxy behaviour

Enable LOGs
Discuss features
Discuss HTTP LOG Format
Split LOGs

HAProxy Client Management:
Discuss Default Tool
Install 'haproxyctl'
Reveal HAProxy Server Info | Stats
Explore Server Health

Suppress NULL LOGs:
Discuss Normal behaviour
Explore Default configuration
Generate SYN connections via NMap
Confirm HAProxy response
Generate 'curl' requests and confirm

Monitor Nodes:
Discuss Use-Cases
Exempt single Node and Test
Exempt subnet and Test
Monitor specific URI
Test exemption

$SHELL-based Stats:
Discuss features
Install 'hatop'
Track Stats via: 'hatop'
Disable Nodes and confirm

Discuss features
Show Health | Stats
Disable distinct server(s)
Confirm stats
Re-enable 'DOWNed' Nodes
Confirm stats

E-Mail Alerts:
Discuss features
Define Mailer block
Enable Mail Routing per Instance
Maintenance mode Nodes
Confirm E-Mail generation
Oscillate server state and confirm

HTTP Request:
Discuss features
Deny traffic based on Source IP
Extend to include Subnet
Deny based on User-Agent(s)
Deny based on Path Ending
Redirect requests to Bad Paths
Redirect users to 'Maintenance' site

Default Back-End | Use Back-End:
Discuss Defaults
Explore Setup
Update Instances to specific 'backend'
Compare and Contrast

Listen Block Proxies:
Discuss features
Consolidate disparate Proxies
Debug directives
Confirm functionality

'http-check disable-on-404':
Discuss features
Contrast with Default Checks
Augment configuration to check 404 responses
Confirm functionality
Debug issues
'Fail' Instances and confirm

TCP Reverse Proxies:
Discuss features
Contrast with HTTP Proxies
Define RDP Farm
Test connectivity
Definen SSH Farm
Test connectivity

Single Server Reverse Proxy | HTTPD:
Discuss features
Install Apache
Update bindings
Proxy via HAProxy to Apache
Confirm connectivity
Restrict 'backend' Apache to LOCALHOST
Confirm communications

HAProxy Stats:
Discuss features
Enable across Proxies
Confirm interface
Vary Interface output
Apply AUTH
Committ various features