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CM-Pup Edition

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction - Puppet - Features:
Identify key systems in topology
Discuss Puppet Features
Relate Configuration Management to Common Security Principles
Discuss relevant Internet Sockets

Puppet Installation:
Identify available downloads
Download platform-dependent packages
Install Puppet Master
Install Puppet Agents (Nodes | Clients)
Enable Agents for Puppet Management
Evaluate accordingly

Console Management:
Access Puppet Console (Dashboard)
Explore interface and discuss capabilities
Provision and Test Users
Peruse Agents' Configuration Details

Live Management:
Discuss MCollective
Identify on-the-wire resources in Real-Time
Compare relevant system components
Contrast cross-platform resources
Identify same-platform common properties
Clone resources on-demand
Evaluate accordingly

Modules | Classes:
Discuss Class | Module Model
Identify default Classes | Modules
Explain Puppet inheritance options
Explore default inheritance
Identify Nodes and Groups

Node | Agent Provisioning:
Discuss applicabilitiy
Explore templates for inheritance
Add Nodes (Agents) across platforms
Peruse applicable inheritance
Evaluate results

Standardize Resources:
Use Live Management to identify discrepancies
Rectify discrepancies according to platform similarities
Confirm provisioned resources across Nodes (Agents)
Achieve a consistent configuration of resources across Nodes
Identify remaining discrepancies
Evaluate results

LogRotate Module:
Discuss features and benefits
Identify currently install modules
Peruse Puppet Forge and relevant modules
Install LogRotate Module
Standardize configuration across systems
Confirm configurations

HOSTS Module:
Discuss features and benefits
Identify cross-host discrepancies
Normalize HOSTS configuration accordingly
Confirm applied entries on disparate instances

Secure FTP Server Module:
Discuss features and beneftis
Group Nodes (Agents) for application
Identify and Install FTP Server Module
Explore default configuration
Tweak default configuration accordingly
Apply changes to a single Test Node
Confirm results
Apply changes to group of Nodes
Re-confrm ramifications

Secure $SHELL Module:
Discuss features and benefits
Identify desirable module on the Forge
Install module and explore configuration
Discuss Client | Server Configuration options
Default to widespread Client | Server Configuration changes
Apply to Test Node
Confirm results
Apply to applicable Nodes
Confirm normalized application of configuration across Agents

DenyHosts Module:
Discuss features and benefits
Identify available modules on the Forge
Install accordingy
Explore default options
Apply to Test scenario
Confirm results match organizational policy
Apply to desired Agents and re-confirm applicability