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BASH II Edition

Video Introducing this tutorial

INIT & Cron Scripts:
Identify features & characteristics
Parse INIT & Cron scripts
Explore variables & function references
Evaluate system applicability

Command Line Interface (CLI) Arguments:
Explain features
Explore defaults
Pass arguments and evaluate interpolation
Expose CLI argument counter
Ensure appropriate CLI arguments upon invocation

Find Failed Logins:
Auto-generate requisite directory structure
Identify relevant logs
Default searched user
Integrate 'awk' & 'sed' accordingly
Correlate search string with defined user

Core Dump Removal Simulation:
Generate core dumps in disparate file system locations
Invoke simultaneous logs of activity
Qualify references
Mail process results

Storage Availability Stub:
Discuss relevance
Integrate 'df', 'awk', & 'grep'
Parse interesting output
Compare derivation with defined thresholds

Check Remote Service:
Explain objective
Identify remote service
Integrate SSH
Trap service status accordingly
Loop variable hosts
Debug appropriately

Backup Snapshots:
Identify need
Integrate storage availability stub
Enlist 'tar' & 'bzip2'
Flex script to handle differential snapshots
Vary snapshot by day
Tidy remnants
Extend process to encrypt snapshots

Restructure process to handle errors
Except positive & negative results
Define appropriate functions
Promulgate function references
Test efficacy

Free Memory & Swap:
Define reusable stub
Integrate with existing processes
Vary thresholds
Execute and evalute

Logger Stub:
Reveal usefulness
Define and contain parameters in a function
Integrate function accordingly

Checksum Generator:
Identify objective
Integrate CLI ARGS stub
Integrate logger stub
Generate desired checksums for variable content

Purge History:
Justify applicability
Explore history environment
Ensure history management across shell invocations

Monitor Page Loads:
Explain scenario
Integrate 'wget'
Define thresholds
Code appropriate traps
Average page loads over time
Evaluate results