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Bash Edition

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to BASH Command Line Interface (CLI):
Identify BASH installation & key configuration files on RedHat & Debian GNU/Linux distros
Identify & use common built-in BASH commands (pwd,cd,set,unset,export,source,etc.)
BASH Command-line Expansion
Brace Expansion
Tilde Expansion
Parameter & variable Expansion
Command Substitution
BASH Reserved words
BASH History identification & configuration
Aliases (ls,du,df,rm,cp)
Backticks - command expansion & execution
BASH Prompt configuration
Command chaining
Error level/Return code (Command Exit Status) identification
Conditional execution of subsequent commands (&&,||)

Redirection | Error Handling:
Standard Input
Direct input from STDIN (Standard Input)
Redirect input from a file
Standard Output
Direct output to STDOUT (Standard Output )
Redirect output to a file
Append Standard Output to an existing file
Standard Error
Explore STDERR attributes
Redirect Standard Error
Input/Output (I/O) Redirection
Sequential execution via pipes
Quoting & Escaping

BASH Scripting:
Basic Script definition (hello world), permissions modification & execution
Internal BASH variables
Global Variable definition
Function definition
Local Variable definition - function scope
BASH Arrays

Menu creation using Select:
Job control - Foreground/Background processing
Case - Concise Conditional Branching
Positional Parameters

BASH Script Definition:
Create BASH script to move multiple files to new names defined by positional parameters
Create script to monitor directory for file changes and report the differences via E-mail to Administrator
Create script to monitor directory size and report threshold encroachment to Administrator via E-mail
Define script to parse logs for keywords and notify the Administrator via E-mail
Create script to monitor network connectivity between hosts and report outages to Admin via E-mail
Define script to monitor process, restart if fails, and E-mail Administrator at defineable limits
Create script to backup sub-directories using Tar & Gzip, define threshold, and SSH file to remote host
Log the output of BASH scripts to a Syslog-like format

BASH 3.x Updates:
Explore BASH 3.x on multiple platforms: Linux|Solaris|MacOSX|FreeBSD
Compare and contrast to BASH 2.x
Execute BASH 2.x commands|scripts within BASH 3.x on multiple platforms
Evaluate results