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Using the EC2 Container Service

Course Syllabus
What is a Container?
Container Architecture
Amazon Web Services - EC2 Container Service Introduction

Setup and Configuration
Creating an ECS User and Group
Logging Into the Console: Aliases and IAM Accounts
Creating Instance KeyPairs
Creating a Cluster Virtual Private Cloud
Security Groups and ECS Clusters
Install and Configure the AWS CLI
AWS CLI - Installing Docker for ECS Container Management

Components and Usage
AWS ECS - Using the Wizard for Sample Cluster Creation
AWS ECS - Exploring the Sample Container Cluster
Customizing the ECS Cluster
Cluster Security Group Customization
Container Instance Scaling
Elastic Load Balancer - Container Registration and Configuration
Container Repositories: The DockerHub
Containers: Docker Basics
ECS: Creating a Custom Container
ECS: Creating a Custom Task Definition for our Containers
ECS: Running Multiple Container Types in the Cluster

Conclusion and Next Steps
Performance Metrics
Service Limits
Conclusion and Next Steps

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