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Using Salt for Configuration Management and Orchestration

About the Course
About the Author
What Is Salt?
End Goals

Salt Concepts:
Remote Execution and Configuration Management

Installing and Configuring Salt:
Single Master, Multi-Master, and Masterless Salt
Bootstrapping the Master
Bootstrapping the Minions
Installing Salt via the SaltStack Repositories (Ubuntu)
Installing Salt via the SaltStack Repository (CentOS/Red Hat)
Masterless Setup
Key Management
Renaming Minions

Execution Modules:
Introducing Execution Modules
Common Modules
Running Modules Locally with salt-call

Salt States and Formulas:
Introducing Salt States by Building a PHP Formula, Part 1
Introducing Salt States by Building a PHP Formula, Part 2
The top.sls File
Starting an Apache Formula
Managing Files
Salt Requisites

Basic Templating
Using a map.jinja File
Templating Files
Best Practices for Salt States

Introducing Pillar
Encrypting Pillar
Using Pillar with Jinja, Part 1
Using PIllar with Jinja, Part 2
Pillar Best Practices

Putting It All Together:
Putting It All Together
Building a WordPress Formula: wpcli.sls
Building a WordPress Formula: init.sls
Building a WordPress Formula: wpconfig.sls
Building a WordPress Formula: wpinstall.sls

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