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The System Administrators Guide to Bash Scripting

Introduction :
History of Bash

Core Concepts :
Bash Files - .bash_profile
Bash Files - .bashrc
Bash Files - .bash_history
Bash Files - .bash_logout
What Makes a File a Shell Script?
Displaying Environment Variables in a Script
Using Variables on the Command Line
Setting and Using Variables in Scripts
Comment Types and Structure
Command Substitution
Exit Status
Arithmetic Operations
Global and Local Environment Variables
Special Characters - Quotes and Escapes
Using /dev/null
The Read Statement
Shell Expansion
Types of Variables (Implicit vs. Explicit Definition)
Exercise: Display Environment Variables
Exercise: Setting and Using Variables in Scripts
Exercise: Using Comments
Exercise: Using /dev/null
Exercise: Exit Status Types
Exercise: Evaluating Arithmetic Expressions
Exercise: Command Substitution
Exercise: Interactive Scripting
Exercise: Using Arrays

Conditional Statements :
Passing Variables to Scripts at the Command Line
The If Statement
For Loop
Case Statement
While Loop
Execution Operators (&& and ||)
Exercise: Passing Variables to Scripts at the Command Line
Exercise: The If Statement
Exercise: Using If/Then/Else
Exercise: The For Statement
Exercise: Using the Case Statement
Exercise: While Looping

Input and Output :
Reading Files
File Descriptors and Handles
IFS and Delimiting
Traps and Signals
Exercise: Reading Files
Exercise: File Descriptors and Handles
Exercise: IFS and Delimiting
Exercise: Traps and Signals

Debugging and Error Handling :
Debugging Your Script
Error Handling
Exercise: Error Handling with Exit

Functions :
Simple Functions
Structure of Functions in a Script
Variable Scope in Functions
Functions with Parameters
Nested Functions
Function Return and Exit
Exercise: Creating a Function
Exercise: Variable Scope in Functions
Exercise: Functions with Parameters
Exercise: Nested Functions

Samples/Use Cases :
Display a MessageBox for Confirmation
Advanced UI - Building a Menu System
The InputBox
Overriding Events
Quickly Checking Command Line Parameters
Building a Document Generator
Exercise: Simple Infobox
Exercise: Displaying a Message Box
Exercise: A User Input Box
Exercise: Creating a Menu
Conclusion and Next Steps