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Running Container Clusters with Kubernetes

Course Syllabus
Introduction to Kubernetes
Introduction to Docker
Containers vs. Virtual Machines
Docker Architecture
The Docker Hub
Kubernetes Architecture
Introduction to YAML

Kubernetes Setup and Configuration
Packages and Dependencies
Install and Configure Master Controller
Install and Configure the Minions
Kubectl: Exploring our Environment
Exercise: Installing Kubernetes - Master Server
Exercise: Installing Kubernetes - Minions / Nodes

Docker Fundamentals
Pulling an Image
Running Containers
The Dockerfile
Managing Ports with Container Deployments
Exercise: Docker Installation and Image Setup
Exercise: Creating Custom Image from a Dockerfile
Exercise: Exposing Container Ports to the Host

Pods, Tags and Services
Create and Deploy Pod Definitions
Tags, Labels and Selectors
Deployment State
Multi-Pod (Container) Replication Controller
Create and Deploy Service Definitions
Exercise: Creating Pod Definitions
Exercise: Labelling Your Pod Definition

Logs, Scaling and Recovery
Creating Temporary Pods at the Command line
Interacting with Pod Containers
Autoscaling and Scaling our Pods
Failure and Recovery
Exercise: Running a Command in Your Pod Containers

Summary and Next Steps

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