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Red Hat Certified Specialist in Server Hardening Prep Course

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Introduction to Linux Academy
Course Prerequisites
Why Server Hardening?
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Identify Common Red Hat Vulnerabilities and Exposures:
The CIA Model
Updating Systems

Verify Package Security and Validity:
Verifying Packages - Yum
Installing and Verifying Packages with RPM

Identify and Employ Standards-based Practices:
Common Standards
Common Standards - Examples
Create and Use Encrypted File Systems
File System Features
File System Features - Hands On

Configure Defaults for File Systems:
File System Properties for ext4
File System Properties for XFS
Files - SUID
Files - GID
Files - Sticky Bit
Files - FACL

Install and Use Intrusion Detection:
Security Tools - AIDE
Security Tools - OSSEC

Manage User Account and Password Security:
User Accounts
Setting User Account Defaults
Group Accounts and Group Administrators

PAM - Pluggable Authentication Modules:
What is PAM
A Further Look at PAM

Configure Console Security:
Console Security
Console Security - Hands On

Configure System-wide Acceptable Use Notifications:
Changing the SSH Banner
Changing the Message of the Day
Use a Shell Script to Customize a Message Viewed Upon Login

Install and Configure Identity Management Service:
What is IdM? - Identity Management
Install IdM - Identity Management Server
Install IdM on a Client Server

Configure Remote System Logging Services:
System Logging via rsyslog
Managing System Log Files
Configure Remote Logging Services

Configure System Auditing Services:
Configure and Install System Auditing Services
Review Audit Data
Getting Reports Out of Audit Data

Network Scanning Tools and IPTables:
Install and Use nmap
Install and Use nessus
IPTables Overview
IPTables - Part 2

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