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Red Hat Certified Specialist in Security (Exam EX415) Prep Course

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. About the Author
2. About the Course
3. Course Features
4. Introduction to System Auditing
5. Defining Audit Rules and Creating Audit Reports
6. All About OpenSCAP
7. Introduction to Ansible and Its Parts
8. Installing Ansible and Managing SSH Keys
9. Installing and Configuring AIDE
10. Tuning AIDE Functionality
11. AIDE Scenarios
12. Managing SSH Access
13. Working with SSH Keys and Settings
14. Installing and Configuring USBGuard
15. USBGuard Policies and Settings
16. Introduction to PAM
17. Creating Account Lockout Policies17. Creating Account Lockout Policies
18. Creating Password Policies19. Controlling sudo Access
19. Controlling sudo Access
20. Locking Down sudo
21. Linux Storage Review
22. Introduction to LUKS
23. The LUKS Encryption Process
24. Mounting LUKS Volumes at Boot
25. LUKS Volume Management
26. LUKS Scenarios and Review
27. Introduction to NBDE
28. Configuring NBDE Servers
29. Configuring NBDE Clients
30. NBDE Key Management
31. Introduction to SELinux
32. Policies and Labels
33. Type Enforcement and Managing Labels
34. Booleans
35. Troubleshooting SELinux
36. Confined Users, Booleans, and sudo
37. Confined Users Review
38. SELinux Scenario
39. How to Prepare for the Exam
40. Get Recognized
41. What's Next After Certification