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Introduction to Linux Academy
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About Lab Servers and Following Along, Part 1
About Lab Servers and Following Along, Part 2

Knowledge Refresh
Provision a Database Server Using Container Technology

Running Containers Locally:
Link Containers
Get Container Logs
Listen to Docker Events on the Docker Host
Use Docker Inspect
Share Data Between Containers Expose Containers
Persistent Storage for Containers
Host and Container Basic Security Best Practices
Orchestrating Containers Using Kubernetes

What are Image Registries
Image Design Best Practises
Working with Images
Create Custom Images
Design and Code a dockerfile to Build a Custom Container Image
Manage the Lifecycle of an Image from Creation to Deletion

Managing Images:
Design Container Images for Application Deployment
Custom Images for Multiple Container Application Deployment
Understand Private Registry Security
Interact with Many Different Registries
Understand and Use Image Tags and Push and Pull Images from or to Registries
Back up an Image via Layers Metadata Versus Container State

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