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Red Hat Certified Engineer in Red Hat OpenStack Prep Course

Intro to Linux Academy
About the Instructor
Course Prerequisites
About Red Hat OpenStack Platform
About the Red Hat EX310K Exam
Get Recognized!
Intro to Ceph
Architectural Overview
All About CRUSH
RHEL7 Workstation Setup with KVM
Controller and Compute Node
Network Node
Ceph Node1
Ceph Node2
Ceph Node3
Installing Red Hat OpenStack with PackStack
Installing Ceph with Ceph-Ansible
Ceph Imaging Service
Ceph Block Storage
Ceph Compute
Creating Projects
Creating Users
Managing Roles
Network Allocation Pools
Floating IPs
Security Groups
Neutron Troubleshooting
Creating Server Flavors
Creating Images
Ceph RBD Snapshots
Ceph Troubleshooting
How to Start Over
Linux Bridges
What's Next
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