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Python 3 Scripting for System Administrators

Getting Started:
Course Introduction
About the Course Author
Course Features and Tools

Environment Setup:
Setting up a Cloud Server Development Environment
Installing Python 3 on CentOS 7
(Optional) Installing Python 3 on Debian/Ubuntu

Introducing Python:
History & Benefits of Python
What's the Deal with Python 3?

Running Python:
Introducing the REPL for Rapid Experimentation
Creating and Running Python Scripts
Using Comments

Common Data Types:
Numbers (int and float)
Booleans and None
Working with Variables
Dictionaries (dicts)

Control Flow:
Conditionals and Comparisons
The 'while' Loop
The 'for' Loop
Logic Operations

Basic Scripting:
Reading User Input
Function Basics
Using Functions in Scripts
Using Standard Library Packages
Working with Environment Variables
Interacting with Files

Intermediate Scripting:
Parsing Command Line Parameters
Robust CLIs with 'argparse' - Part 1
Robust CLIs with 'argparse' - Part 2
Handling Errors with try/except/else/finally
Exit Statuses
Execute Shell Commands from Python
Advanced Iteration with List Comprehensions

Useful Standard Library Packages:
random & json
shutil & glob
re & math

Using Pip and Virtualenv:
Installing Third-Party Packages Using 'pip'
Using Third-Party Packages in Your Scripts

Planning & Project Structure:
Examining the Problem & Prep Work
Planning Through Documentation
Initial Project Layout

Implementing Features with Test Driven Development:
Introduction to TDD and First Tests
Implementing CLI Guided By Tests
Introduction to Mocking in Tests
Implementing PostgreSQL Interaction
Implementing Local File Storage
Implementing AWS Interaction

Integrating Features and Distributing the Project:
Wiring the Units Together
Building and Sharing a Wheel Distribution

Final Steps:
What's Next?

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