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PostgreSQL 9.4 Administration

Course Syllabus
Introduction to Databases
Data Normalization
Indexes, Relationships and Keys
Introduction to RDBMS
Introduction to PostgreSQL 9.4

Installation and Configuration:
Downloading PostgreSQL (Enterprise vs. Open Source)
Installation and Service Configuration
Using the Command Line Client

Administration and Security:
Creating Databases
Creating Tables
Roles - Creating and Deleting Users
Roles - Assigning Permissions
Installing and Configuring myPgAdmin
Accepting External Connections
Inserting, Viewing and Deleting Data
Backing Up and Restoring Databases
Replication - Master Server Configuration
Replication - Slave Server Configuration
Discussion - Database Clustering

Introduction to Datatypes
Character Datatype
Numeric Datatype
Serial Datatype
Boolean Datatype
Special Datatype - NULL
Date Datatype
Time Datatype

NoSQL and PostgreSQL
Big Data Processing