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OpenShift on OpenStack

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course Introduction:
Introduction to Linux Academy
About the Authors
About the Course

OpenStack Overview:
OpenStack Overview
Core Projects

KVM Preconfiguration:
Installing and Configuring KVM
Controller and Compute Nodes

Installing OpenStack:
Installing OpenStack with PackStack

OpenStack Basics:
OpenStack User Management
Building a Network in Neutron
Create a Virtual Machine
Adding a Compute Node
Private Neutron Networks

OpenShift Overview:
About OpenShift Container Platform
About OpenShift Origin
The Future of OpenShift on OpenStack
The OpenShift Community

Installing OpenShift:
About OpenShift-on-OpenStack Playbooks
Deploying OpenShift - Lecture
Deploying OpenShift - Prerequisites
Deploying OpenShift - OpenShift-Ansible Playbooks

OpenShift Administration:
OpenShift Authentication - HTPasswd
OpenShift Authentication with OpenStack Keystone
Users, Projects, & Roles
OpenShift Pods & Services
Persistent Volumes on OpenStack

Day Two Operations:
Host Backups
Adding an OpenShift Node
Evacuating an OpenShift Node
Host Restoration

What Next?:
Next Steps
Course Review
Join the Community!