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NGINX Web Server Deep Dive

Getting Started:
Course Introduction
About the Course Author
Course Features and Tools

Introducing NGINX:
What is NGINX?
What is HTTP and How Does It Work?
NGINX vs. Apache
Differences Between NGINX and NGINX+

Installing and Running NGINX:
Installing NGINX on CentOS 7
Installing NGINX on Ubuntu 16.04

Basic Web Server Configuration:
Understanding the Default NGINX Configuration
Simple Virtual Host and Serving Static Content
Error Pages
Access Control with HTTP Basic Auth

Basic NGINX Security:
Generating Self-Signed Certificates
Configuring the Host for SSL/TLS/HTTPS

NGINX Rewrites:
Cleaning Up URLs
Redirecting All Traffic to HTTPS

Reverse Proxy:
What is a Reverse Proxy?
Preparing a Node.js Sample Application
Reverse Proxy with proxy_pass
Setting Up The LEMP Stack
FastCGI Proxy for PHP/WordPress with fastcgi_pass
Deploying a uWSGI Application
Proxying to uWSGI Python Web Application with uwsgi_pass
Simple Caching for Static Content
Microcaching for Non-Personalized Dynamic Content

Load Balancing:
Load Balancing to Multiple Servers
Examining Load Balancing Methods

Configuring Logging

Improving SSL Configuration
Utilizing ModSecurity WAF
Use Case: Generating SSL Certificates using Let's Encrypt

Content Compressions and Decompression
Workers & Connections
Use Case: PageSpeed by Google

Final Steps:
What's Next?