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Microsoft Azure Exam DP-200 – Implementing an Azure Data Solution

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Course Introduction
2. Using the DP-200 Essentials Guide
3. About the Exam
4. Designing a Data Schema
5. SQL Databases, SQL Data Warehouses, and Data Lakes
6. Introduction to NoSQL
7. Azure Data Lake Introduction
8. Cosmos DB Essentials
9. Partitioning and Horizontal Scaling in Cosmos DB
10. Azure Table Storage Overview
11. Data Warehouse Introduction
12. SQL Data Warehouse Overview
13. Overview of SQL Database
14. SQL Database Hyperscale
15. Elastic Pools and Elastic Jobs
16. Managed Instances in SQL DB
17. Automated Backup Strategies
18. Implement Data Masking
19. Encrypt Data at Rest and in Motion
20. Exam Essentials and References
21. Batch Processing Overview
22. Apache Spark Overview
23. Databricks Introduction
24. PolyBase Introduction
25. Introduction to Azure Stream Analytics
26. Azure Stream Windowing Functions
27. Using Reference Data for Lookups in Stream Analytics
28. Introduction to Azure Data Factory
29. Create and Schedule Triggers
30. Monitoring a Storage Account in the Azure Portal
31. Azure Storage Metrics in Azure Monitor
32. Implementing Monitoring in SQL Database and SQL Data Warehouse
33. Implement Cosmos DB Monitoring
34. Monitoring Stream Analytics
35. Monitoring Data Factory
36. Monitoring Azure Databricks
37. Optimizing SQL Data Warehouse Performance
38. Optimizing Data Lake Performance
39. Optimizing Azure Stream Analytics
40. Optimizing SQL Database Performance
41. Managing the Data Lifecycle
42. What_s Next
43. Exam Essentials and References