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Manage and Deploy Code with AWS Developer Tools

Getting Started:
Course Introduction
Using Note Cards
AWS Free Tier: Usage Tracking and Billing Widget

CodeCommit Introduction:
What is CodeCommit?

Setup and Configuration:
Watch this first: Choosing the Right Setup Videos for You
1 - Configure IAM Users, Access Keys & Policies
2 - Windows: GIT & AWS CLI Installation
3 - Windows: Configure SSH Credentials (SSH)
4 - Windows: Configure the Credential Helper (HTTPS)
5 - OSX: GIT Installation
6 - Linux: GIT Installation
7 - OSX/Linux: AWS CLI Installation
8 - OSX/Linux: Configure SSH Credentials (SSH)
9 - OSX/Linux: Configure the Credential Helper (HTTP)

CodeCommit Basics:
Create, View, Edit, and Delete a Repository
Cloning Repositories, Commits, Push, and Pulls
Merging Basic Conflicts
Branches (local)
A Closer look at Commits and the HEAD Pointer
Migrating a Repository into CodeCommit

Using CodeCommit with other AWS Services:
Introduction to Triggers
CodeCommit Trigger for SNS
CodeCommit Cross-Account SNS Trigger
CodeCommit Trigger for Lambda Functions
CodeCommit & AWS KMS (encryption)

CodeDeploy Introduction:
What is CodeDeploy?

Setup and Configuration:
Setup and Configuration (Roles and Policies)

CodeDeploy Basics:
Configuring an EC2 Instance for Use with CodeDeploy
Creating an Application, Deployment Group and Deployment Configuration
Editing and Deleting an Application
Adding, Editing, and Deleting Application Elements (Deployment Groups & Configurations)
Creating, Viewing, and Deleting a Custom Deployment Configuration
Creating and Configuring the AppSpec File
Creating and Uploading a Revision to S3
Deploying a Revision from S3
Monitoring Deployments via SNS Triggers
Viewing Deployment Details and Error Logs
Stopping Deployments, Roll-Backs, and Redeployments
Automating Deployments from S3 Using Lambda

CodePipeline Introduction:
What is CodePipeline?
Concepts and Terminology

Setup and Configuration:
Setup and Configuration (CodePipeline Prerequisites)

CodePipeline Basics:
Creating a Simple Pipeline
Managing a Pipeline from the AWS Console
Managing a Pipeline from the AWS CLI

CodePipeline Advanced Features:
Creating a Pipeline with GitHub (source) and Jenkins (build)
Creating Approval Actions
Creating Custom Actions

Final Steps:
What's Next?