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LXC/LXD Deep Dive

Introduction to LXC/LXD:
Course Introduction

About the Author:
About the Author

LXD vs. Docker:
LXD vs. Docker

Installing LXC/LXD:
Installing LXD

Troubleshooting LXD Installations:
Troubleshooting LXD Installations

Launching Your First Container:
Launching Your First Container, Part 1
Launching Your First Container, Part 2
Launching Your First Container, Part 3

LXC Images:
LXC Images Part 1: Remotes
LXC Images Part 2: Publishing, Exporting, and Examining
LXC Images Part 3: Creating From Scratch

Setting up ZFS with LXD:
File Backing Stores

LXC Networking:
LXC Networking Part 1: The Basics
LXC Networking Part 2: Under the Hood!

Multi-Host LXD Share a Discreet Layer-2 Network:
Advanced Container Networking, Part 1
Advanced Container Networking, Part 2

LXC/LXD Challenge Exercises:
Introduction to Challenge Exercises

Development Web Cluster:
Challenge: Development Web Cluster
Challenge: Development Web Server - My Solution

Challenge: Deploy a Microservice
Challenge: Deploy a Microservice -- My Solution!

Database Replication Testing:
Challenge: Database Replication Cluster
Challenge: Database Replication Cluster Solution

Automatic Backup Testing:
Challenge: Automatic Backup Testing
Challenge: Automatic Backup Testing Solution

Where Do I Go From Here?: