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LPIC-3 Exam 303 Security

Course Introduction:
Important Information about LPI Exam Discount Vouchers for 2019
About this Course
About the Training Architect
Course Features and Tools

325.1 X.509 Certificates and Public Key Infrastructures:
Cryptography Concepts Part 1
Cryptography Concepts Part 2
PKI and Trust Chains
Request, Sign, and Manage Certificates
Operating a Certificate Authority

325.2 X.509 Certificates for Encryption, Signing and Authentication:
SSL, TLS, and, Apache HTTPD Server
The ssl.conf File: Important Directives and Security Focused Configurations
Understanding SNI and HSTS
Using the openssl Command to Work with Certificates and Web Servers

325.3 Encrypted File Systems:
Creating Encrypted Volumes
Demo: Working with LUKS

325.4 DNS and Cryptography:
Working with DNS
Securing DNS with DNSSEC
Understanding DANE

326.1 Host Hardening:
Kernel Security Part 1
Kernel Security Part 2
Securing Grub

326.2 Host Intrusion Detection:
Threat Detection
Working with Maldet
Understanding Rootkits
System Auditing in LInux

326.3 User Management and Authentication:
Linux Login Eseentials
PAM Concepts
Kerberos Concepts
Understanding SSSD

326.4 FreeIPA Installation and Samba Integration:
Overview of FreeIPA
Installing and Configuring FreeIPA
Working with FreeIPA

Topic 327: Access Control:
327.1 Discretionary Access Control
Basic System Permissions
Extended Attributes
Using ACLs

327.2 Mandatory Access Control:
Understanding MAC
AppArmor and Smack: MAC alternatives
Hands-On Lab: Troubleshooting SELinux

327.3 Network File Systems:
NFSv4 Improvements
NFS in Practice
CIFS Configuration

328.1 Network Hardening:
Configuring FreeRADIUS
Analyzing Network Traffic
Network Utilities and Threats

328.2 Network Intrusion Detection:
Network Monitoring
Configure and Use Snort
OpenVAS Overview
328.3 Packet Filtering
Firewall Concepts
Advanced Firewall Concepts
Ebtables and Nftables

328.4 Virtual Private Networks:
IPSec Concepts

Review and Next Steps:
Exam Review
Scheduling and Taking the Exam
After Certification

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