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LPI Linux Essentials

Course Overview:
Important Information about LPI Exam Discount Vouchers for 2019
About the Author
The Linux Essentials Exam/Certification

Linux Evolution and Popular Operating Systems:
An Introduction to Linux
Open Source Philosophy
Embedded Systems

How to Access a Linux Installation:
How to Use the Linux Academy Cloud Playground for this Course
Connect to Linux Systems from Windows
How to Install CentOS 7 with VirtualBox (Optional)

Major Open Source Applications:
Desktop Applications
Server Applications
Development Languages
Package Management Tools and Repositories
YUM Package Management
RPM Package Management
APT Package Management
dpkg Package Management

Understanding Open Source Software and Licensing:
Software Licensing
Free Software Foundation and the GPL
The Open Source Initiative
Creative Commons
Open Source Business Models

ICT Skills and Working in Linux:
Desktop Skills
Hands-On: Desktop Skills
Getting to the Command Line
Industry Uses of Linux, Cloud Computing and Virtualization

Command Line Basics:
Command Line Syntax - ls
Command Line Syntax - $PATH and Case Sensitivity
Command Line Syntax - Basic Commands
Command Line Syntax - uname
Command Line Syntax - cd and pwd
Command Line Syntax - Command History and Command Completion
Shell Configuration Files
Shell Variables
Formatting Commands
Locate, Find, and Whereis

Using the Command Line to Get Help:
More Local Documentation
Exercise: Man Page Walkthrough
Exercise: Basic Command Line

Using Directories and Listing Files:
The Linux File System
Absolute and Relative Paths

Creating, Moving and Deleting Files:
Files and Directories

Archiving Files on the Command Line:
Archives and Compression

Searching and Extracting Data from Files:
Viewing Text
Analyzing Text
Pipes and Regular Expressions

Turning Commands into a Script:
Shell Scripting Part 1
Shell Scripting Part 2

Choosing an Operating System:
Windows, Mac, and Linux Differences
Distribution Lifecycle Management

Understanding Computer Hardware:

Where Data is Stored:
Linux Processes
System Logging

Your Computer on the Network:
Basic Networking
Networking in Linux

Basic Security and Identifying User Types:
Linux Users

Creating Users and Groups:
Adding Users

Managing File Permissions and Ownership:
File and Directory Permissions
Modifying Permissions

Special Directories and Files:
Symbolic Links
Special Files and Folders, and the Sticky Bit

Course Wrap Up and Next Steps:
Course Wrap Up and Next Steps