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LPI DevOps Tools Engineer Certification

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About This Course
About The Instructor
How to Use the Linux Academy Cloud Playground for this Course

What is Vagrant?
Installing Vagrant
Vagrant Commands Part 1
Vagrant Commands Part 2
Vagrantfiles Part 1
Vagrantfiles Part 2
Accessing Vagrant VMs
Defining Multiple Machines in Vagrant
Vagrant Provisioning

Vagrant Boxes:
What are Vagrant Boxes?
Creating a Base Box
Vagrant Box Commands
Box File Format
QUIZ: Vagrant Boxes

Packer and Cloud Init:
What is Packer?
Installing Packer
Creating a Packer Template
What is Cloud Init?

Configuration Management with Ansible, Puppet, and Chef:
What is Configuration Management?
What is Puppet?
What is Ansible?
Ansible Vault

Docker and Kubernetes:
What is Docker?
Docker Images
Docker Volumes
Docker Networks
Using Dockerfiles
What is Kubernetes?
Configuring Kubernetes
Pod, ReplicaSets, and Deployments

Docker Compose:
Installing Docker Compose
Docker Compose Commands
Creating A Docker Compose File

Docker Swarm And Docker Machine:
What is Docker Swarm?
Docker Swarm Commands
Creating a Docker Swarm Service
What is Docker Machine?
Installing Docker Machine
Docker Machine Commands

Modern Software Development:
Service Oriented Architecture
Test Driven Development
QUIZ: Modern Software Development

CI/CD and Jenkins:
What is Continuous Integration
Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment
What is Jenkins?
Artifact Repositories
Installing Jenkins
Jenkins Plugins
Setting up a Jenkins Slave
Using Parameters in a Job
Creating a Build Job to Execute Tests

What is Git?
Git Commands Line Basics
Managing Files with Git
Branching and Merging
Git Submodules
Dealing with Conflicts
Tagging in Git

Deploying Code to Production:
Immutable Servers
Blue-Green Deployments
Canary Deployments
QUIZ: Deploying Code to Production

Standard Components and Platforms for Software:
Content Delivery Network
Cloud Foundry

Cross Site Scripting, ACID and CAP Theorem:
Cross Site Scripting
CORS Headers
CSRF Tokens
CAP Theorem

Prometheus and Logstash:
What is Prometheus?
What is Logstash?