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Kubernetes the Hard Way

About the Course Author
Course Features and Tools
Course Introduction

Getting Started:
What will the Kubernetes Cluster Architecture Look Like?
Setting Up Your Cloud Servers
Client Tools

Provisioning the CA and Generating TLS Certificates:
Why Do We Need a CA and TLS Certificates?
Provisioning the Certificate Authority
Generating Client Certificates
Generating the Kubernetes API Server Certificate
Generating the Service Account Key Pair
Distributing the Certificate Files

Generating Kubernetes Configuration Files for Authentication:
What are Kubeconfigs and Why Do We Need Them?
Generating Kubeconfigs for the Cluster
Distributing the Kubeconfig Files

Generating the Data Encryption Config and Key:
What is the Data Encryption Config in Kubernetes?
Generating the Data Encryption Config

Bootstrapping the etcd Cluster:
What is etcd?
Creating the etcd Cluster

Bootstrapping the Kubernetes Control Plane:
What is the Kubernetes Control Plane?
Control Plane Architecture Overview
Installing Kubernetes Control Plane Binaries
Setting up the Kubernetes API Server
Setting up the Kubernetes Controller Manager
Setting up the Kubernetes Scheduler
Enable HTTP Health Checks
Set up RBAC for Kubelet Authorization
Setting up a Kube API Frontend Load Balancer

Bootstrapping the Kubernetes Worker Nodes:
What are the Kubernetes Worker Nodes?
Worker Node Architecture Overview
Installing Worker Node Binaries
Configuring Containerd
Configuring Kubelet
Configuring Kube-Proxy

Configuring kubectl for Remote Access:
Kubernetes Remote Access and kubectl
Configuring Kubectl for Remote Access

The Kubernetes Networking Model
Cluster Network Architecture
Installing Weave Net
Hands-On Lab: Setting Up Kubernetes Networking with Weave Net
Deploying the DNS Cluster Add-on
DNS In a Kubernetes Pod Network
Deploying Kube-dns to the Cluster

Smoke Test:
Smoke Testing the Cluster
Smoke Testing Data Encryption
Smoke Testing Deployments
Smoke Testing Port Forwarding
Smoke Testing Logs
Smoke Testing Exec
Smoke Testing Services
Smoke Testing Untrusted Workloads
Smoke Testing Cleanup

Kubernetes the Easy Way
Next Steps