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Kubernetes Security

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Introduction to the Course Author
2. Introduction to this Course
3. Preparing The Playground Servers
4. Setting up the Master Node
5. Setting up the Worker Nodes
6. Validating the Cluster
7. Kubernetes Architecture
8. Kubernetes Attack Surface
9. The Principle of Least Privilege
10. Security Boundaries
11. Using TLS (Transport Layer Security) to Secure Nodes and Processes
12. Using Firewalls and VPN (Virtual Private Networks)
13. Setup kube-bench to Harden a Cluster
14. Kubelet Security
15. Securing etcd Key Value Datastore
16. Deploying the Kubernetes Dashboard
17. The 3 A_s of Kubernetes Security
18. Authentication
19. Authentication Exercise
20. Authorization and RBAC
21. Authorization Exercise
22. Admission Controllers
23. Security Contexts
24. Pod Security Policies
25. Establishing an Immutable Cluster Architecture
26. Third-Party CICD Tools
27. Network Policies
28. Managing Secrets
29. Conclusion and Next Steps