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Implementing a Full CI/CD Pipeline

About the Course Author
Course Features and Tools
Introduction to Implementing a Full CI/CD Pipeline

Source Control Management:
Introduction to SCM
Installing Git
Creating GitHub Forks
Making Changes in Git
Branches and Tags
Pull Requests

Build Automation:
Introducing Build Automation
Installing Gradle
Gradle Basics
Automated Testing

Continuous Integration:
CI Overview
Installing Jenkins
Setting up Jenkins Projects
Triggering Builds with Git Hooks

Continuous Delivery:
Introducing Jenkins Pipelines
Jenkins Pipeline Stages and Steps
Deployment with Jenkins Pipelines

Why Containers?
Installing Docker
Docker Basics
Building a Dockerfile
Running with Docker in Production
Installing Docker on Jenkins
Jenkins Pipelines CD and a Dockerized App

Creating a Kubernetes Cluster
Kubernetes Basics
Deploying to Kubernetes with Jenkins

Installing Prometheus and Grafana
Cluster Monitoring
Application Monitoring

Kubernetes and Self-Healing
Creating Liveness Probes in Kubernetes

Kubernetes and Autoscaling
Horizontal Pod Autoscalers in Kubernetes

Canary Testing:
What is Canary Testing?
Implementing a Canary Test in Kubernetes
Kubernetes Canary Testing with Jenkins Pipelines

Fully-Automated Deployment:
Fully Automated Deployment

Next Steps:
Next Steps

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