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Implement and Manage Application Services (Azure)

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. About the Training Architect
2. About the Course
3. About the Book of Nephele
4. Course Features and Tools
5. Azure App Service
6. Web App Hosting Options
7. Azure App Service Plans
8. Enabling Diagnostics, Logging, and Monitoring Apps in Azure App Service
9. Overview
10. Scaling App Service Environment
11. Geo-Distributed Scaling with App Service Environments
12. Deploying Web Apps
13. Configuring Deployment Slots
14. Managing Web Apps and Using Web App Templates
15. App Service Security
16. App Service Authentication
17. Backing Up Your App
18. Restoring a Backup
19. Restoring a Snapshot
20. Cloning an App
21. Assigning SSL certificates
22. Configuring CDN Integration
23. Course Completed