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Google Kubernetes Engine Deep Dive

Getting Started:
Course Introduction
About the Training Architect
Using the Interactive Diagram
Course Features and Tools

Orchestrating Containers with Kubernetes Engine
Understanding Kubernetes Engine Architecture
What Does Kubernetes Engine Cost?

Creating and Managing Clusters:
Spinning up your First Cluster
Deploying to your Cluster
Scaling Clusters and Applications
Upgrading and Deleting Clusters
Hands-On Demonstration: Creating and Managing Clusters

Handling Security with Kubernetes Engine:
Integrating with Cloud IAM
Managing Role-Based Access Control
Establishing a Pod Security Policy
Implementing Security Protocols
Hands-on Demonstration: Handling Security with Kubernetes Engine

Coordinating Networking and Kubernetes Engine:
Configuring Load Balancers
Establishing a Network Policy
Creating a Private Cluster
Hands-on Demonstration: Coordinating Networking and Kubernetes Engine

Expanding Kubernetes Engine:
Implementing Stateful Applications
Transitioning from On-Prem
Integrating Other Google Cloud Services
Monitoring and Logging with Stackdriver

Final Steps:
What's Next?
Get Recognized!

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