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Google Cloud Security Essentials

Getting Started:
Course Introduction
About the Training Architect

Getting Started:
Introducing our Demonstration Organization
Protecting Your Google Cloud Account

Identity and Access Management (IAM):
GCP Resource Hierarchy
Identity and Access Management (IAM)
Navigating IAM
Adding IAM Roles
Service Accounts
Custom Roles
Edit IAM Policy
IAM Best Practices
Putting it all Together

Securing GCP Network Infrastructure:
Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
Firewalls Basics
Viewing Firewall Rules
Create Targeted Firewall Rule
Automate Firewall Rules for Webserver
Limiting Exposure
Google Cloud VPN
Bastion Host
Interactive Serial Console
Private Google Access
Network IAM Roles

Securing your Operating System:
OS Security Overview
Limit OS Access by Location
OS Updates
Securing Scaling Instance Groups
SSH Keys and Metadata
Securing SSH Access to Linux Instances
Linux Access and IAM Roles
Windows Instance Access Management
OS Security Best Practices and Acceptable Use

Securing Your Data:
Securing Cloud Storage
Cloud Storage IAM Roles
Demonstrating Storage IAM Scopes
Access Control Lists (ACLs)
Demonstrating ACLs
Signed URLs
Database Security

Monitoring GCP:
Logging and Monitoring with Stackdriver
Viewing Stackdriver Logs
Exporting Logs
Monitoring and Alerts

Google Cloud Platform and Auditing:
Compliance on Google Cloud Platform

GCP Encryption Options:
Encryption on Google Cloud Platform
Key Management Service
Encryption Demonstration with KMS

Final Steps:
Next Steps
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