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Google Cloud Functions Deep Dive

Getting Started:
Course Introduction
About the Course Author
Using the Interactive Diagram
Course Features and Tools

Overview of Cloud Functions:
Introduction to Google Cloud Functions
First Look: Cloud Functions, Events, and Triggers
Managing Costs and Quotas

Setting Up for Cloud Functions:
Section Introduction
Utilizing the Console and Shell
Establishing a Local Environment
Working with Environment Variables

Coding Cloud Functions:
Crafting HTTP Functions
Developing Background Functions

Deploying Cloud Functions:
Deploying from Your Development Environment
Deploying from the Console or a Repository

Triggering Cloud Functions:
Calling Triggers Directly
Triggering Functions via Cloud Pub/Sub
Establishing Cloud Storage Triggers
Accessing Cloud SQL

Tracking Cloud Functions:
Integrating Stackdriver Logging and Monitoring
Reporting Errors to Stackdriver

Testing and Developing Cloud Functions:
Running Cloud Function Tests
Using Cloud Build for CI/CD with Cloud Functions
Section Conclusion and Summary
Use Case: Extracting Data
Section Introduction
Use Case Overview
Pulling Data from SQL Queries

Use Case: Gathering and Converting Visual Information:
Use Case Overview
Translating Text from Images

Use Case: Delivering Text Messages:
Use Case Overview
Delivering Text Messages
Section Conclusion and Summary

Final Steps:
What's Next?
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