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Google Cloud Essentials

Getting Started:
Course Introduction
About the Training Architect
Using the Interactive Diagram
Course Features and Tools

Finding Google Cloud in the Cloud
Examining Google Cloud’s Global Infrastructure
What Google Cloud Can Do for You

Working With Google Cloud:
Signing Up for Google Cloud
Navigating the Console

Running Apps with Compute:
Rapid Development via App Engine
Running Virtual Machines with Compute Engine
Standardizing on Kubernetes Engine
Specializing with Cloud Functions

Safeguarding Identity and Security:
Securing Cloud Identity
Authorizing with Cloud IAM
Examining Other Identity and Security Services

Managing Storage and Databases:
Preserving Objects in Cloud Storage
Non-Relational Data Management with Cloud Datastore
Handling Relational Data via Cloud SQL
NoSQL Management with Cloud Bigtable
Exploring Additional Data Services

Handling Big Data:
Warehousing Data with BigQuery
Processing Data with Cloud Dataflow
Coordinating Clusters with Cloud Dataproc
Messaging Through Pub/Sub
Examining More Big Data Services

Optimizing Networking:
Connecting through Cloud VPC
Optimizing Cloud Load Balancing
Using Cloud CDN to Deliver
Investigating Other Networking Services

Moving to the Cutting Edge with Google Cloud:
Machine Learning with Cloud AI
Real World Integration via Cloud IoT
Migrating Info through Data Transfer

Final Steps:
What’s Next?
Get Recognized!

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