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Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Security Engineer

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Important Information About This #Early Access# Course
2. About the Training Architect
3. Resource Hierarchy
4. Policies and Constraints
5. Resource Manager Hands-On
6. Super Admin Best Practices
7. Cloud IAM Overview
8. IAM Hands-On
9. Service Accounts
10. Service Accounts Hands-On
11. Cloud Identity
12. Cloud IAM Best Practices
13. Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
14. VPC Hands-On
15. VPC Peering
16. VPC Peering Hands-On
17. Shared VPC
18. Network Isolation and Firewall Rules
19. Firewall Rules Hands-On
20. Load Balancing
21. Cloud Interconnect and Cloud VPN
22. Cloud DNS and DNSSEC
23. VPC Best Practices
24. Encryption Overview
25. Encryption at Rest
26. Encryption in Transit
27. Cloud KMS
28. Creating and Managing Encryption Keys Hands-On