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Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting Started:
Course Introduction
About the Training Architect
The Scenario

Setting up Cloud Projects and Accounts:
Section Introduction
Creating an Account
Creating a New Project
Creating Users and Assigning Roles
Enabling APIs
Provisioning Stackdriver Accounts
Section Summary

Managing Billing Configuration:
Creating Billing Accounts
Establishing Billing Budgets and Alerts
Setting up Billing Exports to Estimate Daily/Monthly Charges
Section Summary

Cloud SDK:
Setting up a Cloud Server
*NEW* - Cloud Server in the new Playgrounds Interface
Installing the Cloud SDK
Using the Cloud SDK

Planning and Configuring Compute Resources:
Comparing Compute Options
Reviewing Compute Engine
Reviewing Compute Engine - Managed Instance Groups
Reviewing Kubernetes Engine
Reviewing App Engine

Planning and Configuring Data Storage Options:
Comparing Storage Options

Planning and Configuring Network Resources:
Reviewing Networking Options

Exploring the Application:
Architecture Review

Planning and Estimating Using the Pricing Calculator:
Estimating the Price of the Application

Planning the Application Deployment:
Reviewing the Codebase

Deploying the Applications:
Configuring Common Services 1 of 2
Configuring Common Services 2 of 2
Deploying the Products API on Kubernetes 1 of 2
Deploying the Products API on Kubernetes 2 of 2
Deploying the Ads API on Compute Engine With Deployment Manager 1 of 2
Deploying the Ads API on Compute Engine With Deployment Manager 2 of 2
Deploying the Image Processor With Cloud Functions
Deploying the Front-end in App Engine
Deploying Wordpress with Cloud Launcher

Managing Resources:
Section Intro
Managing Compute Engine Instances - Creating an instance
Managing Compute Engine Instances - SSH
Managing Compute Engine Instances - Images and Snapshots
Cloud SDK Configurations
Managing Kubernetes Engine Resources
Managing App Engine Resources
Working with Cloud Storage
Managing Networking Resources
Monitoring and Logging

Working With Logs:
Viewing Audit Logs for Project and Managed Services

Final Steps:
Domain Objective Review
What's Next?
Am I Ready?

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