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Google App Engine Deep Dive

Getting Started:
Course Introduction
About the Training Architect
Working with the App Engine Interactive Diagram
Course Features and Tools

What is Google App Engine?
Examining App Engine Capabilities
Understanding Costs
QUIZ: Google App Engine Overview

GAE in the Real World:
Use Cases
App Engine vs. Other Services
Signing on to Google Cloud Platform

Integrating with other Cloud Platform services:
Exploring Integration Use Cases
Integration Example: Cloud Storage

Setting Up:
Focusing on Python: Mac
Focusing on Python: Windows
Focusing on Python: Linux
Establishing a Project
Setting up your Development Environment

Building an app:
Configuring your project
Establishing the Back End
Coding the Front End
Deploying your App
Testing your App

Extending your App:
Integrating Images with Cloud Storage
Enhancing the Front End
Incorporating CSS, Images, and other Static Files

Migrating to a Flexible Environment:
Why Go Flexible?
Updating the Code

Testing your App:
Handling Traffic
Leveraging Memcache
Handling Security Scans

Managing your Project:
Touring the App Engine Console
Implementing a Custom Domain
Working with the App Engine Admin API
Examining Available Statistics
Keeping within Budget

Final Steps:
What's Next?
Get Recognized!

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