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Extending Chef Badge

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting Started:
Course Introduction
About a Course Author
Course Features and Tools
Setting Up Our Learning Environment
Working Around A Bug In Knife

Basic Ohai Plugin Authoring:
What is Ohai?
The Ohai DSL

The Ohai Cookbook:
Creating an Ohai Plugin
Testing & Deploying an Ohai Plugin

Troubleshooting Ohai Plugins:
Debugging With Chef-Shell
Loading and Reloading Ohai
Ohai Hints

Enabling & Disabling OHAI Plugins:
Ohai 'client.rb' Settings
Blacklisting vs Whitelisting Attributes

Custom Resource DSL:
What are Custom Resources?
Creating Custom Resources - Part 1
Creating Custom Resources - Part 2
Sharing Custom Resources

Custom Resource Concepts:
Default Actions and Property Validators

Nested Custom Resources and Resource Collections:
Nested Resources
Resource Collections

Using Chef Handler DSL:
What are Chef Handlers?
Writing Custom Chef Handlers
Delivering and Configuring Handlers
The Chef Handler DSL

What Are Libraries?
Writing and Using Libraries - Part 1
Writing and Using Libraries - Part 2
Sharing Libraries
Resources vs Libraries

What are Definitions?

Knife Source Code:
What are Knife Plugins?
Creating a Knife Plugin - Part 1
Creating a Knife Plugin - Part 2
Packaging and Sharing a Knife Plugin
Common Knife Plugins and Private Clouds

Using the Chef Server API:
Communicating with the Chef API

Final Steps:
How to Prepare for the Exam

What's Next?:
What's Next After Certification?

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