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Docker Certified Associate Prep Course

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About the Course Author
How to Use the Linux Academy Cloud Playground for this Course
Course Syllabus
Introduction to Docker Enterprise Edition and Docker Swarm
About the Exam

Installation and Configuration (15% of Exam):
Complete Docker Installation on Multiple Platforms (CentOS/Red Hat)
Complete Docker Installation on Multiple Platforms (Debian/Ubuntu)
Selecting a Storage Driver
Configuring Logging Drivers (Syslog, JSON-File, etc.)
Setting Up Swarm (Configure Managers)
Setting Up Swarm (Add Nodes)
Setting Up a Swarm (Backup and Restore)
Outline the Sizing Requirements Prior to Installation
Set Up and Configure Universal Control Plane (UCP) and Docker Trusted Repository (DTR) for Secure Cluster Management
Complete Backups for UCP and DTR
Create and Manage UCP Users and Teams
Namespaces and CGroups

Image Creation, Management, and Registry (20% of Exam):
Pull an Image from a Registry (Using Docker Pull and Docker Images)
Searching an Image Repository
Tag an Image
Use CLI Commands to Manage Images (List, Delete, Prune, RMI, etc)
Inspect Images and Report Specific Attributes Using Filter and Format
Container Basics - Running, Attaching to, and Executing Commands in Containers
Create an Image with Dockerfile
Dockerfile Options, Structure, and Efficiencies (Part I)
Dockerfile Options, Structure, and Efficiencies (Part II)
Describe and Display How Image Layers Work
Modify an Image to a Single Layer
Selecting a Docker Storage Driver
Prepare for a Docker Secure Registry
Deploy, Configure, Log Into, Push, and Pull an Image in a Registry
Managing Images in Your Private Repository
Container Lifecycles - Setting the Restart Policies

Orchestration (25% of Exam):
State the Difference Between Running a Container and Running a Service
Demonstrate Steps to Lock (and Unlock) a Cluster
Extend the Instructions to Run Individual Containers into Running Services Under Swarm and Manipulate a Running Stack of Services
Increase and Decrease the Number of Replicas in a Service
Running Replicated vs. Global Services
Demonstrate the Usage of Templates with 'docker service create'
Apply Node Labels for Task Placement
Convert an Application Deployment into a Stack File Using a YAML Compose File with 'docker stack deploy'
Understanding the 'docker inspect' Output
Identify the Steps Needed to Troubleshoot a Service Not Deploying
How Dockerized Apps Communicate with Legacy Systems
Paraphrase the Importance of Quorum in a Swarm Cluster

Storage and Volumes (10% of Exam):
State Which Graph Driver Should Be Used on Which OS
Summarize How an Image Is Composed of Multiple Layers on the Filesystem
Describe How Storage and Volumes Can Be Used Across Cluster Nodes for Persistent Storage
Identify the Steps You Would Take to Clean Up Unused Images (and Other Resources) On a File System (CLI)

Networking (15% of Exam):
Create a Docker Bridge Network for a Developer to Use for Their Containers
Configure Docker for External DNS
Publish a Port So That an Application Is Accessible Externally and Identify the Port and IP It Is On
Deploy a Service on a Docker Overlay Network
Describe the Built In Network Drivers and Use Cases for Each and Detail the Difference Between Host and Ingress Network Port Publishing Mode
Troubleshoot Container and Engine Logs to Understand Connectivity Issues Between Containers
Understanding the Container Network Model
Understand and Describe the Traffic Types that Flow Between the Docker Engine, Registry and UCP Components

Security (15% of Exam):
Describe the Process of Signing an Image and Enable Docker Content Trust
Demonstrate That an Image Passes a Security Scan
Identity Roles
Configure RBAC and Enable LDAP in UCP
Demonstrate Creation and Use of UCP Client Bundles and Protect the Docker Daemon With Certificates
Describe the Process to Use External Certificates with UCP and DTR
Describe Default Docker Swarm and Engine Security
Describe MTLS

Conclusion and Next Steps

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