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DevSecOps Essentials

About The Author
About The DevSecOps Essentials Course
An Overview of DevSecOps
Cyber Security Standards and Concepts (Part 1)
Cyber Security Standards (NIST Intelligence NVD and NCP Demo)
Identity and Access Management

Secure Software Onboarding:
Clean Repositories
Securing Public Repositories
Secure Containerization
Docker Trusted Repositories
Docker Bench

Secure Build Automation:
Automated Provisioning with PaaS Tooling
Automated Provisioning with PaaS Tooling (OpenShift Demo)
Securing The Automated Build
Securing The Automated Build (Jenkins Pipeline Demo)
Vulnerability Detection and Remediation
Vulnerability Detection and Remediation (OWASP Dependency Check Demo)
Secure Staging

Release Gating:
The 16 Gates

Continuous Delivery Release Automation:
Automated Deployment
Configuration Management

Production Monitoring and Ongoing Detection and Remediation:
Production Monitoring
Dashboards and Automated Vulnerability Detection

Summation and Next Steps

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