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Deploy and Manage OpenStack on Ubuntu – Pike

Getting Started:
About This Course
About the Course Author
Course Features and Tools

OpenStack Overview:
What is OpenStack?
OpenStack Services
OpenStack Architecture

Virtual Box:
Virtual Box Setup
Controller Node Setup
Compute Node Setup
Block Storage Node Setup
Object Storage Node Setup
Prepping the Environment
Prepping the Controller

Identity Service - Keystone:
Identity Service Overview
Installing Keystone
Verifying Keystone

Image Service - Glance:
Image Service Overview
Installing Glance
Verifying Glance

Compute Service - Nova:
Compute Service Overview
Installing Nova
Installing Nova on the Controller
Installing Nova on the Compute Node
Finalizing the Nova Installation

Networking Service - Neutron:
Networking Service Overview
Installing Neutron
Installing Neutron on the Controller
Installing Neutron on the Compute Node

Dashboard Service - Horizon:
Dashboard Service Overview
Installing Horizon

Block Storage Service - Cinder:
Block Storage Service Overview
Installing Cinder on the Controller
Installing Cinder on the Block Storage Node

Object Storage Service - Swift:
Object Storage Service Overview
Installing Swift
Prepping the Object Storage Nodes
Installing Swift on the Object Storage nodes
Creating and Distributing the Rings
Finalizing and Verifying Swift
QUIZ: Swift Object Storage Service

Orchestration Service - Heat:
Orchestration Service Overview
Installing Heat

Launching an Instance:
Launching an Instance

Managing Security:
Managing Swift ACLs
Managing Policies

Final Steps:
What's Next
Get Recognized