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Cloud Migration Fundamentals

Introduction to This Course
Introduction to the Author
The State of the Cloud Report

Cloud Migration Prerequisites:
Cloud Computing Definitions and Use Cases
Cloud Computing Constraints
Legacy Infrastructure and Application Architectures
Decoupling, State Management, and Data Residency

Migration Planning and Discovery:
Identifying and Mitigating Risks
The "6 R's" of Cloud Migration
Asset and Application Discovery
Licensing, Data Sovereignty, and Governance

Cloud Migration Frameworks:
The Benefits of an Agile Approach to Migrations
Using a Cloud Migration Framework
Cloud Architectures
Cloud Formation Approaches
Migrating Data to the Cloud
Migrating Application Workloads

DevOps and Automated Software Deployment:
DevSecOps Pipelines
Elasticity and Scaling Cloud Architectures
The Automation Imperative
Containers and Cloud Orchestration
Monitoring and Auditing Cloud Environments

Optimizing Cloud Systems:
The Twelve-Factor App
The Cloud Transformation Journey

Course Summary and Next Steps

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