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AWS Security Essentials

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Secure Global Infrastructure and Compliance:
Regions, Availability Zones, and Endpoints
VPC Endpoints
IAM and Compliance
Exercise: AWS Global Infrastructure

Shared Responsibility and Trusted Advisor:
Shared Responsibility Model
Trusted Advisor

Identity and Access Management (IAM):
Root User
Users and Groups
Visual Editor for Policy Creation
Access Advisor

Encryption Essentials:
Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption
New Lab System Walkthrough

OS-Level Access:
Overview and SSH
Bastion Host
Linux Example
Windows Remote Desktop Example
Windows Bash Example
Windows PuTTY Example

Data Security:
Securing Data at Rest: S3 and Glacier
Securing Data at Rest: EBS and RDS
Securing Data at Rest: DynamoDB and EMR
Decommissioning Data and Media
Securing Data in Transit

OS Security:
Custom AMIs and Bootstrapping
AWS Systems Manager- Patching/Automation
Mitigating Malware and Abuse

Infrastructure Security:
Network Segmentation
Strengthening and Threat Protection Layer
Testing and Measurement
AWS Web Application Firewall and Shield

Monitoring, Alerting , and Auditing:
Monitoring Basics
AWS Config
AWS Systems Manager- Inventory and Insights
AWS Inspector
AWS GuardDuty

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